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We originated before the days of its regulation as one of the pioneers of the cannabis industry in Vancouver in 2013. Having always been at the forefront of medical and recreational cannabis, we firmly believe that any barriers between Canadians and their access to cannabis products should be removed.

Back then, opening a dispensary in Vancouver (or anywhere else in Canada) meant that we could get shut down and lose everything at any moment, we took risks knowing that we were providing an invaluable service to our community and continue to support our clients in their cannabis journey in any way we can. 

Having been here since the beginning, our brand has grown immensely, mainly due to the support of our team and loyal client base. We now strive to ensure that we provide the best cannabis products on the regulated market- with the best prices and customer service.

Quality Service

We started our business as a medicinal cannabis dispensary, so we’re adept at listening to patients and finding high quality cannabis products. We’re confident this will help us in the recreational market as well. Come in and let us know what you need. We’ll listen and guarantee you’ll leave our cannabis store satisfied.

Excellent Products

As one of the original dispensaries in Vancouver, we’ve spent a lot of time and energy lobbying for change and striving to bring high-quality products to our clientele. We’ve built a lot of connections over the years and are leveraging that to continue doing the same. You can trust every single one of the products we sell and carry.

A Strong Community

Sea to Sky Cannabis believes in strengthening our community and developing synergistic relationships with those who matter most to us. We regularly work with businesses and organizations, participating in charitable events across Canada to bring awareness and fundraising opportunities to the people who need them most. At Sea to Sky, we are much more than a Cannabis Store.

Same Day Cannabis Delivery

Purchasing Cannabis Products

We offer a wide range of products that cater to every taste and cannabis order requirement. This includes a variety of medicinal and non-medical cannabis products, including flowers, concentrates, beverages, and even cannabis topicals.


Top strains from the best growers in Canada


Edibles, Concentrates, and Much More


We are fully dedicated to providing top-quality recreational cannabis to everyone in a safe, convenient, and non-judgmental setting. We take pride in educating our community about the myriad benefits of cannabis and promoting its responsible use.

best cannabis selection

a range of products available in-store and for delivery, canada-wide.

These cannabis-infused edibles will take your taste buds on a journey of delight. Get sweet and tangy gummies, chocolates, and freshly baked goods to satisfy your cravings.

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High-quality cannabis flower products, including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. Every cannabis flower guarantees potency and purity.

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The ultimate versatility in cannabis consumption, with the ability to vaporize flowers, concentrates, and oils. Say goodbye to unwanted odours and indulge in a discreet experience with our best vape pens.

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Designed to offer a non-invasive method of cannabis use. Our cannabis topical- creams, balms, and oils are crafted with the finest extracts for targeted relief and relaxation.

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Powerfully intoxicating cannabis concentrates– each crafted to perfection. From Shatter to Hash, Crumble and Budder to Live Resin, we have the best concentrates on the market.

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Elevate your refreshment with cannabis beverages. A perfect blend of taste and relaxation for a uniquely satisfying indulgence.

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Indulge in cannabis pre-rolls made exclusively from the finest cannabis flowers. Every joint ensures a rich flavour profile that gives you a satisfying high.

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Explore a range of cannabis accessories that combine form and function. Unleash the full potential of your cannabis experience with quality weed accessories.

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Same Day Weed Delivery

Our Cannabis Delivery Service offers amazingly fast and reliable delivery across Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland, from downtown Vancouver and West Van all the way to Abbotsford. Our cannabis store offers in-person and online services that cater to pick-up and delivery clients. With every order, we offer prompt delivery with the highest customer service and accuracy. 

Currently, we offer weed delivery (among other products on our menu) in most of the British Columbia lower mainland, including Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Delta, Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, and Maple Ridge

In the future, we plan to extend our local and delivery services to cover the entire Greater Vancouver Region, including Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and even all the way to Hope.

We Work With The Top Brands

To get you the best cannabis on the market.

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Silvia Martinez
Silvia Martinez
Really nice guy! Quick and easy
Nathaniel Curtis
Nathaniel Curtis
Excellent experience. The guy that helped me was kind, exceedingly helpful, and I would joyfully go there again. It was quick without feeling rushed, pleasant, and even memorable. 10/10
Jessica Ruggles
Jessica Ruggles
I had a flight cancellation and couldn’t get back to Vic to my supply. It was 10:45pm when we landed and I called these guys right away hoping they would deliver to the airport and they came through for us big time! Delivered with a couple bonus packs of gummies and we were happy girls who got great sleeps before our re-booked flight the next day. Thanks again!! Will definitely come back. 👌🏼💨
This is the best store!!! it was the best customer service of any store I've ever been to I will definitely buy from this store again!!
Sukh Gill
Sukh Gill
Excellent service, included a 5% discount on my purchase.

Frequently Ask Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions.

Sea to Sky Cannabis is dedicated to providing top-quality recreational cannabis to everyone in a safe, convenient, and non-judgmental setting. Whether you are a novice or an experienced consumer, our knowledgeable team will listen to your needs and help you find the best products to enhance your cannabis journey. We offer a wide selection of quality cannabis products, including flowers, concentrates, beverages, and topicals, ensuring that there is something for every taste and requirement. Visit us today, explore a new product, and let us guide you on your cannabis journey.

Placing a cannabis order with Sea to Sky Cannabis is easy and convenient. We offer in-person and online services to cater to our pick-up and delivery clients. If you prefer to visit our store, our friendly staff will assist you in selecting the products you desire. Alternatively, you can browse our wide selection of products online and place your order for delivery. Our cannabis delivery service offers fast, reliable, same-day delivery across Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland. We take pride in providing the highest customer service and accuracy with every order. Start your order today and experience our exceptional service.

Sea to Sky Cannabis is committed to offering a wide selection of cannabis products to cater to every taste and requirement. Our product range includes cannabis flowers sourced from the top growers in Canada, ensuring exceptional quality and variety. In addition to flowers, we also provide a range of other weed products, such as edibles and concentrates. Whether you prefer traditional consumption methods or exploring new experiences, we have something for everyone. Visit our store or explore our online menu to discover the diverse selection of cannabis products we offer.

  • Pain Relief: Cannabis relieves chronic pain, including arthritis, neuropathy, and migraines, due to its analgesic qualities.
  • Anti-inflammatory Effects: Anti-inflammatory cannabinoids in cannabis may help arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Nausea and Vomiting Relief: Cannabis, primarily THC, has been used to treat nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients and others.
  • Appetite Stimulation: Cannabis may aid weight loss due to HIV/AIDS or cancer by stimulating appetite.
  • Anticonvulsant properties: CBD (cannabidiol) may help treat epilepsy seizures, according to certain research.
  • Mood Enhancement: Cannabis may reduce anxiety and depression in certain users. THC causes relaxation, euphoria, and greater sociability.
  • Sleep Aid: Some people with sleeplessness may benefit from cannabis, especially CBD-rich strains.
  • Neuroprotective Properties: Neuroprotective characteristics of cannabinoids may help treat MS and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Cannabis, primarily THC, relaxes muscles, relieving tension and spasms.

The overall cannabis experience depends on terpenes. It is the fragrant chemicals in cannabis that give strains their distinct flavours and scents. Terpenes affect strain effects through cannabinoids and sensory impacts. 

Myrcene is sedative, while limonene is mood-lifting. Because each strain has a distinct chemical makeup of terpenes and cannabinoids, cannabis has a broad spectrum of effects and flavours. Terpenes help people choose based on sensory experience and therapeutic effects.

Cannabis Sativa
  • Appearance: Sativas are thin and tall with narrow leaves. Lighter colours are typical.
  • Effects: Sativa energizes and uplifts. Many equate them with creativity, focus, and a cerebral high.
  • Typical uses: Sativa strains are favoured for daytime use and creative tasks

Cannabis Indica
  • Appearance: Indicas are bushier and shorter, with broader leaves. Their colour is darker.
  • Effects: Indica strains calm and sedate. They help with restful sleep, relaxation, and stress alleviation and cause a body high.
  • Common uses: Indica strains are favoured for nighttime use and relaxation.

  • Appearance: Hybrid strains might have sativa and indica traits.
  • Effects: The sativa-indica genetics of hybrid strains determine their effects. Hybrids can uplift and relax.
  • Typical uses: Hybrids are popular because they can be customized and have many effects.

THC Benefits

  • THC relieves pain, especially chronic pain, in some medical conditions.
  • It helps people living with arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Used to relieve nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients.
  • Stimulates appetite.
  • THC may also help ease tension and stiffness in the muscles.
  • According to certain studies, it may protect nerve cells in certain neurological diseases.

CBD Benefits

  • CBD may relieve chronic, neuropathic, and inflammatory pain, and it is being researched for its analgesic qualities.
  • Studies on animals and humans show CBD reduces anxiety. It may treat generalized and social anxiety disorders.
  • Some research suggests CBD may have antidepressant-like effects by interacting with brain serotonin receptors.
  • CBD is researched for its neuroprotective benefits, particularly in epilepsy and neurodegenerative illnesses, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • It may reduce nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients and others.
  • CBD may improve sleep.

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids. However, their endocannabinoid system interactions differ, causing different physiological and psychological effects.

CBD is not psychoactive and does not cause a “high” or mood change. It regulates body receptors in the endocannabinoid system to maintain equilibrium. It is a popular wellness supplement in oils, pills, and topicals.

THC, however, is psychoactive and causes cannabis’ euphoric or intoxicating effects. It affects perception, emotion, and awareness by binding to brain CB1 receptors. THC is primarily prevalent in recreational and therapeutic marijuana.

In conclusion, CBD and THC are cannabis-derived cannabinoids with different effects on the body and mind. THC is psychoactive and sought after for its recreational or medical effects, while CBD is non-psychoactive and used for therapeutic purposes.

Yes, experts will often prescribe a particular strain of cannabis to alleviate a patient’s symptoms or medical condition. 

Indica Strains:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms and tension
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Nausea

Sativa Strains:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Mood disorders
  • Attention deficit disorders

Hybrid Strains:

  • Hybrid strains have characteristics of both types. Depending on their unique qualities, they might be suggested for a range of conditions.
  • Increasing cannabis dosage to attain the same benefits.
  • Experience irritation, insomnia, lack of appetite, and anxiety when quitting or cutting back.
  • Trouble limiting cannabis use.
  • Spending a lot of time getting, using, or recovering from cannabis.
  • Cannabis use decreases social, occupational, and leisure activity.
  • Using cannabis despite knowing its harmful effects on health, relationships, and other areas of life.
  • Store cannabis in a cool, dark place. High heat degrades cannabinoids and terpenes. Avoid storing cannabis near high-temperature appliances or windows.
  • Too much moisture causes mould, while too little dries out cannabis and reduces potency.
  • Avoid direct light, especially sunlight. UV light breaks down cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Airtight containers prevent cannabis from oxidizing and degrading.
  • Mason jars with rubber seals are famous for their freshness.
  • Avoid using plastic bags as they generate static electricity and attract trichomes, reducing potency.
  • Different strains should be stored separately to preserve flavour and aroma.
  • Freezing can decrease deterioration, generate ice crystals that harm trichomes, and reduce effectiveness.
  • Check your cannabis for mould, mildew, and other concerns regularly.
  • Check for colour, smell, and texture changes.
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