Buy Edibles Online Canada: Top Cannabis Edible Brands

As Canada embraces a more progressive stance on cannabis, one trend has been hard to ignore: the soaring popularity of cannabis edibles. Gone are the days when cannabis consumption was limited to rolled joints and pipes. 

Today, the market is rich with gourmet chocolates, succulent gummies, refreshing THC/CBD juices, and even classic brownies infused with cannabis goodness. One significant driver behind this boom is the convenience when you buy edibles online in Canada

From the comforts of home, enthusiasts and newcomers alike can explore many choices, read reviews, compare brands, and have their favourite edibles delivered discreetly to their doorstep. This ease of access, combined with the diversity in products, ensures something for everyone, whether you’re seeking relaxation, pain relief, or a tasty treat.

Why Choose Edibles?

When diving into the cannabis world, edibles emerge as a favoured choice for many. This is why:

Enjoy Discretion While Consuming:

Edibles don’t emit the distinct aroma that smoking does. Resembling regular treats, they offer a discreet way to consume cannabis. You can have your treat anywhere, anytime, without turning heads.

Controlled Dosages and Extended Duration of Effects:

Dosage ControlWith edibles, you can easily measure how much you consume.
Duration of EffectsThe effects of edibles last longer compared to smoking, giving you prolonged relief or enjoyment.

A Flavourful Variety Awaits You:


      • Gummies: Chewy, sweet, and available in a myriad of flavours.

      • Chocolates: For those who love a rich, creamy delight.

      • THC/CBD Juices: Refresh, hydrate, and relax.

      • Brownies: A classic treat with a cannabis twist.

    Spotlight on Key Products

    As the world of cannabis edibles grows, a few products stand out for their taste and unique appeal and composition.

    1. THC/CBD Gummies:

    Gummies infuse the childhood nostalgia of candies with the adult pleasure of THC/CBD. Soft, chewable, and often fruity, these gummies offer a delightful way to experience cannabis. They’re portable, easy to dose, and provide a slow-release effect, making them a favourite among newcomers and seasoned users.

    Brand Highlight:


        • SHRED’EMS: Known for their consistent potency and variety of flavours, SHRED’EMS gummies ensure a pleasurable and predictable experience.

        • Spinach SOURZ: These gummies have a tantalizing tangy taste that dances on the palate, coupled with a well-balanced cannabis infusion.

      2. Chocolate:

      Chocolate and cannabis, two indulgences, merge to provide a sensory delight. The richness of cocoa complements the herbal notes of cannabis, resulting in a gourmet experience.

      Brand Spotlight:


          • The Hazy Camper: Crafting artisanal chocolates, The Hazy Camper merges the euphoria of quality cocoa with the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Each bite promises luxury and relaxation.

        3. THC/CBD Juice:

        For those who prefer a refreshing gulp over a bite, THC/CBD juices come into play. They offer a vibrant and hydrating way to consume cannabis, ideal for sunny days or post-workout refreshments.

        Brand Highlight:


            • Shred’Ems: Not just restricted to gummies, Shred’Ems also ventures into the liquid territory. Their juices stand out for their vibrant flavours, balanced potency, and thirst-quenching appeal.

          4. Brownie:

          Brownies are the OGs of cannabis edibles. Rich, chocolatey, and dense, they’re a classic choice for those who want to marry the comfort of baked goods with the bliss of cannabis.

          Brand Highlight:


              • Olli: Olli takes the age-old edible favourite and adds a gourmet twist. Using quality ingredients, their brownies taste divine and provide a consistent and smooth cannabis experience.

            Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

            While many associate cannabis primarily with recreational enjoyment, edibles offer notable health benefits that can positively impact overall well-being:


                • Natural Relief from Pain, Anxiety, and Sleep Disorders:

              Cannabis edibles offer a holistic alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. By leveraging the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, they effectively address various conditions, from chronic pain and anxiety to sleep disorders. This natural remedy provides a solution without the common side effects associated with many synthetic medications.


                  • Extended Duration of Effects:

                A distinctive advantage of edibles over other consumption methods like smoking or vaping is the duration of their effects. When you ingest cannabis, it’s metabolized by the liver, transforming THC into a more potent form. This results in a slower onset but a longer-lasting impact, ensuring sustained relief over a more extended period.


                    • Micro-dosing Possibilities with Specific Edibles:

                  Tailoring your cannabis experience is easier with edibles. Many products on the market offer specific doses, allowing users to consume controlled amounts of cannabis. 

                  This is especially valuable for individuals who want to experience the therapeutic benefits without an intense high. Micro-dosing facilitates a balanced and calibrated approach to cannabis consumption, letting users find their perfect dose.

                  Safe Consumption and Responsible Use

                  Navigating the world of cannabis edibles can be exciting and overwhelming, especially for those new to the experience. Ensuring a positive and safe experience hinges on understanding the dynamics of edible consumption and adopting a responsible approach.


                      1. Start Low and Go Slow:


                        • The Golden Rule of Edibles: Unlike other consumption methods, edibles can have a delayed onset, making it easy to overconsume if one is impatient. Starting with a lower dosage is necessary, especially if you’re new to edibles or unsure of your tolerance. Before considering an additional dose, allow ample time (typically 1 to 3 hours) for effects to manifest.

                      Consumption MethodOnset TimeDuration of Effects
                      EdiblesTypically 30 minutes to 2 hours4 to 12 hours, depending on dosage
                      Smoking/VapingAlmost immediate (within minutes)Typically 1 to 3 hours

                      2. Potential Side Effects:


                          • Overconsumption: Can lead to feelings of paranoia, increased heart rate, dizziness, or nausea.

                          • Delayed Reactions: Some individuals would not feel the effects until hours after consumption.

                          • Duration: The effects of edibles can last significantly longer than other methods, sometimes lingering for 12 hours or more. Plan your day accordingly and avoid driving or operating heavy machinery.

                          • Interactions: As with any substance, there can be potential interactions with other medications or alcohol. Always consult with a healthcare professional if you’re unsure.

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                        Educative Approach:

                        Beyond just selling, we believe in educating our customers. Our detailed product descriptions and informative blog posts empower you to make informed choices tailored to your needs.

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                        The expanding world of cannabis edibles in Canada has redefined how enthusiasts perceive and engage with this versatile plant. From mouth-watering gummies to luxuriant chocolates, there’s a flavourful journey awaiting every consumer. The convenience of purchasing online, combined with the broad product range, makes this era of cannabis consumption truly revolutionary. 

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                        Frequently Asked Questions






                        Foods like gummies, chocolates, or brownies.

                        Liquid extracts, often alcohol-based, in a dropper bottle.

                        Pills or soft gels containing cannabis oil or powdered cannabis.

                        Onset of Effects

                        Typically 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on individual factors and stomach contents.

                        Faster, often within 15-45 minutes when placed under the tongue.

                        Similar to edibles, typically 30 minutes to 2 hours.

                        Duration of Effects

                        Lasts longer, often 4-8 hours depending on the dosage and individual metabolism.

                        Would not last as long as edibles, usually 2-4 hours.

                        Duration is similar to edibles, often 4-8 hours.

                        Dosage Precision

                        Can vary based on the size and bite of the edible portion. Requires careful portion control.

                        Highly precise with a dropper for measured dosing.

                        Very precise, as each capsule contains a pre-measured amount of cannabis.


                        Comes in a variety of flavours, often masking the cannabis taste.

                        Can have a distinct herbal or cannabis flavour. Some are flavoured to mask the taste.

                        Generally tasteless unless a burp-back occurs, which could have a faint cannabis taste.


                        Requires storage that prevents melting or spoilage.

                        Store in a cool, dark place to preserve potency.

                        Store in a cool, dry place; less sensitive than edibles but should be kept from extreme temperatures.

                        Edibles provide a unique experience because they undergo a different metabolic process. When consumed, the liver processes the THC, converting it into a compound with a longer-lasting and sometimes more potent effect. 

                        This metabolic pathway is different from the direct absorption into the bloodstream seen with smoking or vaping. As a result, the effects of edibles can linger for hours. This provides extended relief or experience compared to inhalation methods.

                        Combining alcohol and cannabis edibles is not recommended. Both substances can have synergistic effects, potentially amplifying impairment or causing unpredictable reactions. 

                        Consuming both could lead to heightened sensations of dizziness, sedation, or even nausea. Understanding how each substance affects you individually is essential before even considering mixing them. For safety, it’s best to avoid the combination.

                        Not all cannabis edibles share the same potency. Different products and brands can have varying levels of THC/CBD. Check the label for the specific content and potency information. Starting with a smaller portion can help gauge your strength and personal tolerance.

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