Factors Driving Canadians to Buy Weed Online (Costs Packaging, & More)

Canada’s approach to marijuana use and regulation was significantly changed by the legalization of cannabis in the country, which was implemented in October 2018. This shift not only made it legal to own and consume cannabis, but it also opened the door to a flourishing legal market— including online sales. 

Online cannabis sales have been on the rise in Canada since its legalization. As of 2023, 38.4% of adults aged 18-24 and 34.5% of adults aged 25-44 reported using cannabis within the past year. 

The convenience and privacy of discreet packaging, the wide selection of online products, and the cost drove this trend. These factors reveal changing Canadian cannabis consumer preferences and legal cannabis market dynamics. As a cannabis user, it shows the convenience of buying from a legal and trustworthy “weed store near me.”

The Rise of Online Cannabis Sales and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted sales of cannabis through online platforms. Sales were $2.5 billion from March 2020 to February 2021, up from $1.25 billion in the prior 12 months.

  • Contactless Transactions. Shoppers prefer online shopping for its convenience and safety amid social distancing.
  • Regulation Flexibility. Due to public health concerns, many jurisdictions relaxed online cannabis sales restrictions.
  • Increased Demand. Online orders rise as more people use cannabis to manage stress and anxiety in uncertain times.
  • Market Rise. Pandemic restrictions on in-person shopping have boosted online sales exponentially.

Weed Online vs. Physical Stores

Cannabis shopping online is unmatched in convenience and accessibility. Customers can shop whenever and wherever they like, without leaving the house. It benefits people with disabilities because it eliminates the need to travel. 

Online stores offer detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to help shoppers make decisions without the pressure of in-store shopping.

Comparing Online and In-Store Prices and Deals

Cheaper prices and better deals are standard at online cannabis stores. These factors include:

  • Lower Overheads. Online stores can offer lower prices due to lower operational costs.
  • Deals and Promotions. These platforms offer flash sales, discounts, and promotions.
  • Price Comparisons. Customers can easily compare prices across online stores to get the best deal

Physical stores may offer loyalty programs and promotions, but online deals are more frequent.

Discreet Packaging and Delivery Options for Privacy

Many cannabis users value privacy. Online stores fulfill this need with discreet packaging and delivery. 

  1. Plain Packaging. Customers receive orders in plain boxes without retailer or content labels.
  2. Safe Shipping. Online stores offer secure delivery, handling packages carefully and delivering them directly to the recipient.
  3. Tracking. Order tracking in real-time adds security and convenience.

These measures protect consumers’ privacy, sometimes overlooked in physical stores.

Differences in Customer Service and the Shopping Experience


Online Stores
AccessibilityCustomers have access to a wide selection from anywhere.
InformativeComprehensive product descriptions, user reviews, and educational resources aid consumer decision-making.
Customer SupportChat, email, and phone support are available online, but response times vary.

Physical Stores
Personal InteractionKnowledgeable staff can give customers personalized advice and immediate answers.
Product HandlingBefore buying, shoppers can see and smell the products, which can help determine quality.
Immediate PurchasePurchase and take home products without waiting for delivery.

The Buying Patterns of Experienced Users vs. Less Experienced Users

Experienced User Preferences: Variety, Potency, Quality

Experienced cannabis users have precise tastes and high standards. Many of their purchases reflect the following:


  • According to research published in BMC Public Health, dried flower was the most popular form of cannabis, with 91% of users. 
  • The majority of participants admitted to buying and consuming multiple types of products, with edibles accounting for 61%, oils (40%), beverages (26%), vaping liquid (17%), and others (9%).


Experienced users prefer products with higher THC or customized cannabinoid profiles. They have a better understanding of tolerance and desired effects.


Even among those who took part in the same research, there was a lack of consensus on what constitutes high-quality cannabis. Although not exclusive, there were three primary ways in which participants rated the product’s quality: 

  1. complying with regulations
  2. risk-free and efficient
  3. tailored to user experience

Shopping Habits of New Users: Reviews and Recommendations

Less experienced cannabis users are more cautious and rely on outside advice:

  • Reviews. Online ratings and reviews influence their choices. They seek high-rated products with positive consumer reviews.
  • Recommendations. Dispensary staff, friends, and family often advise new users. They seek trusted advice to navigate the many options.
  • Simple Picks. Well-known brands, pre-rolled joints, lower-potency edibles, and mild strains may appeal to them.

Online Resources and Education Influence Purchase Decisions

Both experienced and novice users are influenced by online resources and educational content when buying:

  • Experienced Users. Online strain reviews, cannabinoid profiles, and cultivation tips help users find the right product. In online cannabis communities and forums, you can share your cannabis journey and discover new products.
  • Less Experienced Users. THC vs. CBD, edible dosage, and consumption methods are available in online guides and tutorials. They make confident purchases with clear product descriptions.

Different Spending and Purchase Frequency

Cannabis users with different levels of experience have different spending and purchase habits:

Experienced Users

  • Higher Spending. They buy premium products, rare strains, and high-quality concentrates. They often pay more for higher quality and potency.
  • Frequent Purchases. 74% of BMC study participants made one or more purchases per month. Many experienced users buy more often with the interest of discovering new products. 

Less Experienced Users

  • Budget-Conscious. Beginners spend less and choose safer, cheaper options until they find their preferences.
  • Fewer purchases. They buy less often, usually for special occasions.

Differences Between Government-Run and Private Online Cannabis Stores

AspectPhysical StoresPrivate Online Stores
Product SelectionLimited, regulated productsBroad range including niche items
PricingFixed pricing structureDynamic pricing, frequent promotions
Customer ExperienceBasic service, regulated interactionsPersonalized support, user-friendly interfaces
Quality and VarietyStandardized quality, basic varietyHigh-quality, diverse selection
Trust FactorsRegulatory assurance, consistent qualityBrand reputation, customer feedback
Regulatory ComplianceStrict adherence to regulationsNavigate complex regulatory landscapes

Other Relevant Factors in Online Cannabis Sales

Reward Programs for Online Frequent Buyers

Online cannabis retailers offer loyalty programs and rewards to encourage repeat business:

  • Points Systems. Purchases earn reward points for discounts or freebies.
  • Tiered Programs. Membership levels with increasing benefits based on spending or frequency.
  • Exclusive Deals. Rewards, early product releases, and personalized recommendations for loyal customers.

Advanced Technology Improves User Experience

Online cannabis retailers leverage advanced technology to enhance the shopping experience:

  • Virtual Budtenders. AI-powered chatbots or live chat support personalized product recommendations and customer inquiries.
  • AR/VR Product Showcases. Virtual or augmented reality experiences let customers explore products, view details, and visualize effects.
  • Interactive Websites. User-friendly interfaces, 360-degree product views, and multimedia content boost customer satisfaction.

Fast and Reliable Same-Day and Overnight Delivery

Online cannabis retailers prioritize fast, reliable delivery to satisfy customers. These stores provide same-day or next-day delivery in some areas for urgent orders. Service reliability and timely delivery boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

High-Quality Products You Can Purchase Online

TypeProductTHC:CBD RatioPrice
EdiblesPink Lemonade10.00mg : 1.00mg /pack $6.00
Strawberry Mango Soft Chews10.00mg : 1.00mg /pack $6.00
FlowerWhite Widow23.00-29.00% | 0.00-1.00%$9.99
Pure Sun CBD0.00-1.00% | 14.00-20.00%$28.80
VapeStrawberry Slurricane 510 Thread Cartridge 80-86% : 0.00 | 10.00%$45.00
Pre-RollGhost Train Haze18.00-24.00% (Sativa)$6.00
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can find better deals at online pot shops than at physical stores. Various factors contributed to these differences:

Physical Stores

  • Fixed Pricing. Follow regulated pricing with little variation.
  • Few Promotions. Offering occasional discounts or bundles within regulations.

Private Online Stores

  • Dynamic Pricing. Adjusts prices based on demand and competition.
  • Promotional Flexibility. Regular discounts, loyalty programs, and referral incentives to retain customers.

In choosing a cannabis dispensary online, think about things like:

  • License and Compliance. Always check their license to sell cannabis.
  • Variety of Products. Verify if they have a diverse recreational and medical inventory that includes edibles, concentrates, flowers, and accessories.
  • Customer Reviews. Check product quality and reliability with customer reviews.
  • Privacy and Security. Read their online privacy and security policies carefully before making a purchase.

Sea to Sky Cannabis offers trustworthy, premium cannabis that satisfies all these requirements.

Standard shipping, express shipping, and even same-day or next-day delivery options are common, though they do differ by province and retailer. Shipping times depend on location and shipping method selected at checkout.

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