Vancouver Online Dispensary: Cannabis and Their Role in Epilepsy Management

Cannabis has gained significant attention in recent years due to its potential role in managing epilepsy, a neurological disorder with recurrent seizures. This disorder can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. 

While traditional anti-epileptic medications are for seizure control, they can differ in effectiveness for everyone and can cause adverse side effects. Researchers and individuals with epilepsy have turned their attention to cannabis, exploring their therapeutic potential in managing seizures. 

This article aims to explore the unique properties of cannabis, its active compounds, and their potential role in managing epilepsy. Patients can quickly receive remedies for various problems since cannabis is widely accessible through a Vancouver online dispensary.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by unpredictable seizures of varying intensity. Epilepsy is a major global public health concern, affecting more than 50 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. The causes of epilepsy can vary, including genetic factors or underlying brain conditions. 

In more than half of cases, the specific cause remains unknown. Epilepsy occurs at any age and is associated with an increased risk of premature death. An estimated 65% to 85% of cases eventually achieve long-term remission.

While managing a seizure disorder can significantly disrupt one’s life, many patients can obtain treatment and medications. This is not always the case, as seizures and seizure disorders are highly individualized, making treatment challenging. 

Recent news stories have brought attention to the intersection of epilepsy and cannabis. Notable cases include Charlotte Figi, who inspired the high CBD cannabis strain named Charlotte’s Web, and Renee and Brandon Petro. These instances, along with others, have brought the medicinal applications of cannabis into the spotlight. 

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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis derives from the cannabis plant for recreational purposes due to its intoxicating effects or the sensation of being “high.” Cannabis can also provide medical benefits. 

This plant contains more than 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The two most well-known cannabinoids are:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): This is the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, responsible for producing the high. Some research suggests that THC can have medical benefits for specific health conditions.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD): CBD does not induce a high. This compound is often associated with the medical benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis is available in various forms, including dried cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals. Edible cannabis products are cannabis-infused food items (such as chocolate) and beverages (such as tea).

How Cannabis Plays a Role in Epilepsy Treatment

THC and CBD are both cannabinoids that belong to a group of substances. They interact with receptors in the brain and have effectively alleviated pain associated with conditions. By binding to receptors, they can block the transmission of pain signals. CBD, in particular, has a broader range of receptor binding and appears to affect other signalling systems in the brain.

Small studies have looked at the usage of CBD even though the precise mechanism of action in epilepsy is unclear. Studies conducted on mice and published in Epilepsia have yielded mixed results. While some studies found CBD effective in reducing seizures, others did not. This discrepancy could be attributed to variations in the administration of the drug, as different methods can have different levels of efficacy.

The concept of utilizing marijuana compounds to treat epilepsy is gaining traction. Researchers need to confirm the effectiveness of these compounds and address issues such as determining the appropriate dosage and administration methods. The potency of cannabinoids can vary significantly from one plant to another, and their intake mode can also affect their strength.

CBD and Epilepsy

CBD has demonstrated its impact on the brain’s G protein-coupled receptor 55 (GPR55), which reduces calcium release into cells. By decreasing excitatory currents, CBD can potentially reduce seizure activity. Clinical studies have indicated CBD can decrease neuron excitability and benefit seizure management.

CBD can be an effective treatment for seizures and epilepsy. Studies have shown its effectiveness compared to other commonly used anti-epileptic medications. It’s important to note that CBD can not be effective for every type of seizure or all epilepsy patients. CBD can lessen the frequency of seizures in other patients, but it can also completely stop seizures in some people.

For individuals with epilepsy, CBD has demonstrated its ability to control seizures and prevent breakthrough seizures. CBD does not address or cure the underlying cause of epilepsy, and the response to CBD treatment can vary from person to person.

Should You Use Cannabis for Epilepsy or Seizure Treatment?

Cannabinoids are a complementary approach for managing symptoms when standard therapies have been ineffective. In treating refractory epilepsy, two therapeutic options are available: pure CBD and CBD-enriched cannabis extracts. 

These two products have distinct characteristics and specific pharmacokinetic properties. CBD-enriched cannabis extracts result from complex interactions among all the plant components. This interaction is called the entourage effect. The mechanism of action is not fully understood, although preclinical models indicate anticonvulsant properties.

Case reports, surveys, and published open-label trials suggest that CBD-enriched cannabis extracts can be a safe and effective treatment option. 

Robust scientific evidence supports the use of pure CBD. Results from three randomized controlled clinical trials support its use in treating refractory epilepsy. Many unanswered questions remain, such as whether CBD’s mechanism of action is affected by drug-drug interactions and the long-term safety of CBD.

Commercially Available CBD Medication for Epilepsy

Epidiolex is a prescription medication with pure cannabidiol (CBD) as its active ingredient. Regulatory authorities specifically approve it for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy. 

Epidiolex works with other anti-epileptic medications. It is for managing seizures associated with two severe forms of epilepsy: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Dravet syndrome is an uncommon form of epilepsy that typically emerges within the first year of a baby’s life. The initial manifestation often consists of a prolonged seizure lasting more than five minutes, triggered by a high fever.

Children affected by Dravet syndrome experience a variety of seizure types and varying degrees of severity. They can exhibit other symptoms such as developmental delays, speech and language difficulties, and balance and walking problems.

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is a severe condition characterized by early-onset epilepsy, where individuals experience recurrent seizures. Those affected endure various seizure types and developmental delays. During wakefulness, the EEG shows a slow spike-and-wave pattern, while during sleep, it displays generalized paroxysmal fast activity.

The onset of epilepsy in individuals with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome typically occurs in early childhood, typically between the ages of 3 and 5. The most prevalent type is tonic seizures, which involve uncontrollable stiffening (contraction) of the muscles.

Dispensary Near You: Local Access to Safe Cannabis Products

Cannabis dispensaries provide a safe and reliable selection of cannabis products for individuals seeking treatment for seizures or epilepsy. These dispensaries have knowledgeable professionals who understand the specific needs of patients. They can provide guidance and assistance in choosing the most suitable cannabis products.

Dispensaries typically offer a variety of cannabis products, including CBD-rich options. CBD gained attention for its potential to manage seizures. Patients can navigate through different strains and forms of cannabis, such as flowers, oils, tinctures, or edibles, to find the most appropriate treatment options.

Cannabis dispensaries prioritize safety and adhere to regulatory guidelines to ensure their products are consistent and contaminant-free. They often work closely with licensed producers, guaranteeing the cannabis products undergo rigorous testing.

Dispensaries in Vancouver also make it easy by offering delivery services. Customers can easily access weed by visiting a Vancouver online dispensary. These dispensaries with online access can deliver products to customers’ doorsteps. This same-day delivery option makes it easy for patients to search for the product they need while staying home conveniently. 

CBD-Containing Products Available at Dispensaries

Dispensaries typically offer various CBD-containing products. Some common CBD products available at dispensaries include:

Isolate Powder

​​CBD isolate powder is a crystalline form isolated from other compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is the purest form of CBD, containing only CBD and no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or plant matter.

One benefit of CBD isolate powder is its versatility. Due to its purity and lack of flavour or scent can be easily added to various products and recipes. Many people prefer using CBD isolate powder to make their CBD-infused products. It allows for precise dosing and customization based on individual needs and preferences.

Broad-Spectrum Tinctures

Broad-spectrum tinctures include many beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD isolate, broad-spectrum tinctures retain other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG (cannabigerol), CBC (cannabichromene), CBN (cannabinol), and terpenes. These additional cannabinoids and compounds can contribute to what is known as the entourage effect. The combined presence of multiple cannabinoids and terpenes can enhance the overall therapeutic potential of the product.

Individuals prefer broad-spectrum tinctures due to the benefits of multiple cannabinoids but want to avoid THC. This allows users to experience the potential effects of various cannabinoids without the risk of psychoactive or intoxicating effects.

Full-Spectrum Edibles

Full-spectrum edibles are CBD-infused food products that contain a wide range of cannabinoids. Unlike CBD isolate or broad-spectrum products, full-spectrum edibles retain the natural composition of the plant, including THC.

By preserving the natural combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, full-spectrum edibles can potentially provide enhanced therapeutic effects.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a convenient and popular form of CBD product. These capsules contain CBD oil or CBD isolate.

CBD capsules offer a precise and pre-measured dose of CBD. Having a pre-measured CBD makes it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. They are typically taken orally with water, similar to traditional oral medications.

One of the advantages of CBD capsules is their ease of use and portability. CBD capsules offer the advantage of being discreet and allowing users to take them on the go.

Online Dispensary: A Way to Access Cannabis Products for Epilepsy or Seizure Treatment

Cannabis and its components, such as CBD, have shown promise in managing epilepsy. Research is ongoing, and more clinical trials are needed to understand the efficacy and safety of cannabis-based treatments. However, growing evidence suggests that these treatments have the potential to help reduce seizures and improve the quality of life. The unique properties of cannabis make it a topic of interest in epilepsy management. With the help of cannabis dispensaries, patients can access high-quality cannabis products.

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