Cannabis Beverages in Canada

Cannabis-infused drinks are a popular and convenient way to consume marijuana. At Sea to Sky Cannabis, we offer various infused beverages that are perfect for those seeking a discreet and refreshing way to consume cannabis.

We have something for everyone, whether you’re searching for sparkling water infused with CBD for a calming effect or a THC-infused soda for a complete experience.

What Are Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Cannabis-infused beverages contain cannabis compounds, such as THC or CBD, which provide a unique way to consume cannabis. These edible beverages come in various forms, including drinking chocolate, juice, concentrated shots, and even sodas. They are infused with specific amounts of THC or CBD, which allows for more accurate dosing and control over the effects of consumption.

Cannabis-infused beverages offer several benefits to consumers who prefer to consume cannabis in liquid form. Advantages of consuming cannabis drinks are the following:


One of the primary benefits of consuming cannabis through beverages is convenience. Drinks are easy to transport and sip on the go, making them a popular choice for busy individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to set aside extra time for consumption.


Since they are odourless and easy to conceal, they are an ideal choice for people who want to consume cannabis discreetly, especially in public places where smoking or vaping may not be allowed.

With cannabis-infused beverages, consumers can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without attracting any attention.

Consistent Dosing

One of the biggest challenges of cannabis consumption is achieving a consistent dose. Consumers can be assured of consistent dosing with cannabis-infused beverages since each beverage is infused with a specific amount of THC or CBD. This makes monitoring consumption easier and helps consumers avoid overconsumption, which may lead to undesirable side effects.

Unique Taste Options

Cannabis-infused beverages come in various flavours and are available in different forms, such as tea, coffee, and soda. This means that consumers can enjoy the benefits of cannabis while exploring new and exciting taste options. So whether you prefer a fruity soda or a hot cup of tea, a cannabis-infused beverage is available for everyone.

Cannabis beverages provide a convenient, discreet, and enjoyable way to consume cannabis responsibly. With their consistent dosing and unique taste options, they are an amazing choice for those seeking to enjoy cannabis in a safe, controlled manner with responsible consumption.

Popular Cannabis Beverage Options

In the past few years, drinks with cannabis have become increasingly popular, and consumers now have many options.Some of the popular cannabis beverage options are:

Cherry Cola 10 is a cannabis-infused sparkling beverage that merges the classic taste of cola with a natural, juicy cherry twist. With a 10mg dose of THC per serving and nano-infused for fast onset. The drink provides a refreshing experience, with the taste of an OG Cola and ripe Bing cherries. Made with natural ingredients and with only 100 calories, Cherry Cola 10 is perfect for those looking to indulge without the guilt.

XMG Cream Soda is a cannabis-infused beverage that blends the classic taste of cream soda with 10.00mg of THC, providing consumers with a potent and convenient way to enjoy a cannabis experience.

The THC and cream soda blend is carefully crafted to produce a pleasurable and uplifting high that promotes relaxation and contentment. With no CBD or only up to 1.00mg, XMG Cream Soda is an optimal option for consumers who prefer a pure THC experience.

Black Cherry is a sugar-free, carbonated beverage that boasts an intense black cherry flavor and 10.00mg of THC. The blend features 0.00-0.90mg of CBD and 10.00mg of THC, creating an enjoyable and pleasurable high that promotes feelings of relaxation and contentment.

With Black Cherry, you can quench your thirst on a hot summer day or unwind after a long day, while enjoying the delightful taste and effects of THC and CBD.

Quatreau Cucumber & Mint is a deliciously refreshing cannabis-infused sparkling water beverage.  With THC levels ranging from 0.00-1.00mg and a deliciously refreshing taste, Quatreau Cucumber & Mint Sparkling Water is the perfect beverage for those who value a high-quality cannabis experience.

How to Consume Cannabis Beverages Safely

Cannabis drinks are a convenient and enjoyable way to use cannabis, but it’s essential to use them safely to avoid any harmful effects. Here are some tips on how to consume cannabis beverages safely:

Understanding Dosage

It’s essential to understand the dosage of cannabis in your beverage before consuming it. Cannabis-infused drinks typically list the amount of THC or CBD in each serving on the label. Therefore, it’s essential to start with a low dose and slowly work your way up to avoid unwanted effects.

Starting Slow and Low

Begin with a low dose, then slowly increase it over a time period. It may take up to two hours for the effects of cannabis-infused beverages to be felt, so wait before consuming more. It’s also essential to track how much you’ve finished and how you think to avoid overconsumption.

Avoiding Overconsumption

If you consume too many cannabis-infused drinks, the cannabinoids will enter your digestive system and be absorbed into your bloodstream, potentially causing unwanted effects. Make sure to consume cannabis drinks in a safe and controlled environment, and refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming them.

Shop Cannabis Beverages Today

Sea to Sky Cannabis has a wide range of high-quality drinks with cannabis in them, like CBD-infused sparkling waters and THC-infused drinks. With easy online ordering and discreet delivery, it’s never been easier to enjoy your favourite cannabis drinks.

Explore our selection today and discover the perfect cannabis beverage to suit your needs. Order now and experience the refreshing and convenient way to consume cannabis with Sea to Sky Cannabis.


Health Canada has established strict regulations for producing, packaging, and labelling cannabis edibles to ensure their safety and quality. These regulations include limits on the amount of THC and CBD in each product and requirements for child-resistant packaging.

Cannabis distillate is a highly concentrated form of cannabis extract made through a distillation process. This process removes all impurities and unwanted compounds, producing a pure and potent THC drinks or CBD infused beverages.

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